Upholstery Cleaning

South Bay Carpet Cleaning provides on-site cleaning of your sofa, chairs or other upholstered furniture in your home.

Upholstery cleaning is not something you want to trust with an inexperienced cleaning technician. Inexperience can lead to damaged upholstery, especially on rare and expensive fabrics.

Your fabrics are safe with South Bay Carpet Cleaning. Special consideration is given to color fastness and dimensional stability. Our expertise requires a thorough evaluation of your fabric before cleaning begins. Not one cleaning process or product will work on all fabric types.

Don’t attempt to remove your upholstery cushions and try washing them in a domestic washing machine. Washing them in your home washer can cause excess shrinking and bleeding of your fabric.

We recommend you stay away from grocery advertised carpet and upholstery spotters. They can permanently set stains.

Fabric Protection is recommended and provided upon request for an additional fee to keep future dirt and spills from soiling your upholstery and keeping it clean longer