Area Rug Cleaning

South Bay Carpet Cleaning has nearly 40 years of experience in cleaning Oriental, Persian and Tapestry area rugs to include wool, olefin, nylon, silk and cotton materials. We treat each rug individually and before cleaning we pre-test your rugs for wear, tear and bleeding to determine the best method of cleaning.

We carefully treat each rug as if it were a sentimental piece of art.

As dust and soils collect upon your rug, it quickly begins the process of settling down into the base of the rug. Running a vacuum on the top will remove much of the surface lint, but the heavier particles will actually be aided on their downward movement by the vibrating of the vacuum cleaner. Once the soil settles into the base, foot traffic will cause it to rub against the fibers, slowly breaking them down, and leading to wear.

This wear process can be slowed down by making sure the dirt and grit on the base is removed. Ideally, this is done by a professional with a thorough wash.

  • First the carpet is vacuumed front and back. Vacuuming the back sends harmonic vibrations through the back of your carpet. This loosens the dry soil from the base.
  • Next, the carpet is wet cleaned with the appropriate products and rinsed. The carpet comes to life with the same brilliant color and softness as when first purchased.

*South Bay Carpet Cleaning provides FREE local pickup and delivery in many local areas.